With a unique style, LUIS FELIPE is known for its smooth texture, rich and mellow taste, intense dark color and unique aroma.

LUIS FELIPE is aged using the traditional system of “soleras” and “criaderas” in American oak casks treated with very old Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez wines.


The LUIS FELIPE legend originates in 1893 in a Cellar in La Palma del Condado with the discovery of American oak casks containing a matured Brandy, entirely different from those known at that time.

Those largely forgotten casks were stamped with the name LUIS FELIPE, as they were reserved for the Duke of Montpensier, son of the King of France LUIS FELIPE I, who had his residence in the San Telmo Palace in Seville until 1890.

Ever since it was discovered more than a century ago, LUIS FELIPE has conserved its great distinction thanks to time-honoured aging and a very limited production.


LUIS FELIPE is aged following the traditional system of “soleras” and “criaderas” in American oak barrels arranged in “cachones” or “andanas”, stacked one on top of the other.

The oldest brandy is in the barrels closest to the floor, called “soleras”. A small quantity of this brandy is removed to be bottled, without emptying the barrels completely.

The contents removed are replenished with younger brandy from the barrels immediately above, denominated “criaderas”, where it has remained for years.